Heroes Among Us

of Texas

Contributor to Veteran Causes

22KILL is a global movement bridging the gap between veterans and civilians to build a community of support and empowerment. Our goals are to raise awareness and educate the general public about common veteran-related issues like PTS and TBI. 22KILL supports various veteran empowerment programs and treatment centers.

Veteran's Nursing Scholarship

In association with the Texas Tech Foundation, we are funding a Scholarship for a medically trained veteran in their Bachelor of Science Nursing Program

HOMH is a non-profit donation driven organization with 100% of funding going to purchasing special needs vehicles, and awarding them to military heroes in need.  HOMH recognizes that every case is different and works with each individual in need to modify a vehicle specific to his or her injuries.

North Texas Healing Waters supports wounded veterans through the beauty and artistry of fly fishing.  Our all-volunteer program gives the vets the opportunity to share the fly fishing experience with fellow warriors and provides the emotional and physical support to help them with their daily challenges.  Over the past two years, NTX Healing Waters has taken 327 veterans fly fishing, including several all female veteran trips.

The 2016 Veteran Initiatives that we Supported